In new interview, Jason Isaacs calls Tom Felton “unfailingly polite” and “an incredible heartthrob”

Thanks to @snatalia and @HandsOfTime, we now have transcript of the portions (notice I did not say ‘bits’ this time! =) of Jason Isaac’s BBC radio 2 interview where he very sweetly mentions Tom. The full interview was posted to Snitchseeker yesterday and can be heard here.

Dermot (Interviewer) – The young actors, it must be a joy watching them grow up?

Jason – Yeah, they’ve all turned out – I know you would say this, but actually it is true of Daniel, Rupert, Emma and Tom, who plays my son and I’ve had the most contact with. They’ve all turned out to be really fine, grounded, humble young people, which is pretty extraordinary considering they’re the most famous young people on the planet – can’t call them kids any more – and extremely wealthy. I think it’s partly because they have been inside this community; they’ve not been treated special or different…

Dermot – He’s a good footballer as well, Tom. He was at Soccer Aid last year, and I’m doing it…

Jason – Are you? I bottled out!

Dermot – … but he came on last year as right wing. He got this wonderful, kind of chorus of theatrical boos.

Jason – Except you should know, he gets the biggest mailbag from young women. He’s an incredible heartthrob, and deserves it.

Dermot – Yeah, well he just sort of smiled and waved.

Jason – Yes he’s very charming. All of them are unfailingly polite…

Thanks again to Snitchseeker and to @snatalia and @HandsOfTime for their transcription services! =)

22 thoughts on “In new interview, Jason Isaacs calls Tom Felton “unfailingly polite” and “an incredible heartthrob”

  1. jason Isaacs got a good point: to have been part of the HP community had certainly turned out to be the best thing for the quator, for that neither fame nor wealth had gotten to their heads, a snare usually young actors are most likely falling into, temporally forgetting where they’re coming from, what in fact humility is all about.

    I dare not imagine the numereous mailbags delivered at Thomas’s doorstep! *lol* Jason Isaacs is right again, Thomas deserves it, and besides being an incredible heartthrob as he is stating so well, he still knows how to be incredibly polite likewise!

    Mr. Iaacs, may one day Thomas be inspired enough to dedicate a song to the thoughtful, caring and wonderful on-screen Dad that you’ve been for him during all these years. You deserve it.

    With Love,


  2. Ahhh Master Yoda! I have been searching for you.


    (no offence, just couldn’t resist!)

  3. By on-screen Dad, I meant whatever Jason Isaacs brought up to Thomas across the years, as they’ve been in contact with each other for so long. I wasn’t referring to his character, Lucius! *lol*

    With Love,


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