Just Jared Jr.: The #FootlooseFelton @MyBrewTube campaign for Tom Felton gaining a lot of attention

Just Jared Jr. has just posted a nice article talking about Tom’s recent appearance at the “Get Him To the Greek” premiere in Las Vegas. They also mention the Twitter campaign started by fans to try to get Tom Felton the part as Ren in the remake of Footloose.

Tom Felton snuggles close to girlfriend Jade Olivia as he attends a screening of Get Him to the Greek held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Thursday night (May 20).

The 22-year-old actor recently got on the phone with MTV to chat about a Twitter campaign that’s gaining a lot of attention: #FootlooseFelton!

Tom shared with the media outlet, “Someone told me about that the other day actually. I was on Twitter and someone told me. There was the hash tag thing, #FootlooseFelton, and I had no idea what it meant at first. But, I mean I put it to the film and stuff. I have heard of it, yeah. It’s maybe not even something I would have done in my previous past but it’s certainly something that I’d love to take on head first. I would love to be in a remake. That would be so cool.”

DO YOU THINK Tom would make a good Ren?

Let Just Jared Jr. know if you think Tom would make a good Ren in Footloose!

Click here and post a comment if you want to see Tom sing and dance in the new movie!

In addition, Feltbeats.com would like to announce the winners of our #FootlooseFelton tweet contest!

sincollins‎: @mybrewtube Cast @TomFelton in Footloose! If not, his fans’ tears will surely flood the lands. Help us! Guilty conscience? 😉 #FootlooseFelton

TomFeltonInc‎: @MyBrewTube Tom can act, Tom can sing-; So I vote lets see him dance. He can do anything! #FootlooseFelton

TheAless‎: @mybrewtube Heard you’re doing a musical, I’ll give you some advice: Cast @TomFelton! He’s got a great voice, acting and looks! (; #FootlooseFelton

Congrats to all! And thanks to everyone for making the management of Footloose, and the media, aware of our #FootlooseFelton campaign!

5 thoughts on “Just Jared Jr.: The #FootlooseFelton @MyBrewTube campaign for Tom Felton gaining a lot of attention

  1. A very cute article, thanks for posting! Thomas’s snuggling at the première attests how much he’s a true ball of love and tenderness, as I always knew!

    Congratulations to the winners!

    With Love,


  2. Can’t stop thinking that this hash tag, that has caught so much attention, was started by me. le sigh.

    Now off to harass… I mean, make JustJaredJr more aware. ;P

  3. I was thinking that and that does deserve something if you ask me i mean come on even Tom talked about it !!!! You rock girl ! : )) XX

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