Tom Felton’s MTV Awards seat? Found it!

Place holder posters for the stars have been placed throughout the Gibson Amphitheater in LA in preparation for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. We asked MTV to look for Tom Felton’s seat for us, and they’re working on it:

Feltbeats: @hollywoodcrush Oooh can you find @TomFelton’s seat?? =)

hollywoodcrush: @Dionysius1 @feltbeats we’re going to try to locate Tom’s seat for you– could be a while though 🙂

However, while we’re waiting to see what MTV comes up with, JustJaredJr has now posted a picture of Tom’s seat location! Check out the pictures:

Thanks JustJaredJr!

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s MTV Awards seat? Found it!

  1. @feltbeats I hope u saw my links i posted them earlier alredii !! 😀 😀 he is sitting right behind our great Canadian actor Micheal Cera 😀

  2. @feltbeats thats so cool! 😀 Glad they found it! (Hufflepuffs much?) Who’s he sitting beside? 😀

  3. @feltbeats He’s got an aisle seat. Aren’t most winners seated near the aisle?

  4. @feltbeats i thought all the HP cast will sit in a row…but now we can find tom easily 😉

  5. Have you seen?

    The shot they used to identified Thomas’seat is taken from the “17 Again” Première he’d attended at the beginning of last year, when his hair used to be longer and still blond, which is today not the case anymore.

    They could have at least updated their pictures gallery!

    With Love,


  6. Can anyone tell who the picture of the girl is two seats to Tom’s left?

  7. I totally agree that they shouldve updated the pictures archive but it really doesnt matter cuz Tom looks amazing no matter what!!♥

  8. @feltbeats MERLIN! @TomFelton ´s seat “101”´ve here a PALINDROMIC NUMBER AGAIN! whats supposed 2 mean GOOD LUCK! (I hope so..)

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