The death of a blond: No more Malfoy for Tom Felton

Tom’s tweets say it all:

last official EVER day as draco malfoy! what a unique 10 years its been! will be sad to take my suit off for the last time!

I will miss the blonde haired little git x

Well that’s it. All wrapped. Goodbye leavesden, hogwarts, childhood, blonde hair and so many friends. It’s been amazing. Quite sad now x

After getting thousands of teary replies from fans, Tom tried to lighten the mood:

Thinking I’ve provoked some teary tweets from you. Didn’t mean to upset! Let’s get back to the positives. DH part 1 not long to wait now! X

And then he reveals what is sure to be’s next April Fool’s Day news:

well dan and I have talked and we’re both very keen for HP on ice to go ahead. We’ve both been working on our skating hard x

Just to clarify the HP on ice idea was a joke!! Some people take this twitter malarkey far too literally! Only playing x

For all the tweeters that are racking my mind with guilt, don’t cry!! Sorry I mentioned…… All good. Lots to look forward to x

In a mark of respect, let’s all take a moment of silence to remember the loathsome, evil little cockroach that is Draco Malfoy.

We’ll miss you, blondie! *wipes tear* 😉

Update from Misha: will be hosting a little virtual scrapbook for Tom! On Monday, we’ll be posting any creative commemorative stuff you’d like to send us in honor of our favorite villain! Send poems, artwork, doodles, graphics, avatars, videos, songs – whatever touches your heart that you can get to us digitally! (Please, digital only. I don’t want some three-story granite statue of Draco Malfoy in my driveway! LOL.) You can tweet stuff to @feltbeats or e-mail Thanks!

16 thoughts on “The death of a blond: No more Malfoy for Tom Felton

  1. Argh…!!
    Okay guys, I have a very serious complaint to make: I don’t like words such as “death” or “moment of silence”- couldn’t you put your post a different way, more cheery, or keep it at least neutral??! I really don’t fancy being made all sad and teary and I actually would have thought better of you! Isn’t the fact that he is gone bad enough?!! Honestly!
    PS: Would anyone get me a tissue now, please?

  2. There are only two truisms in show business and they are 1) The show must go on and 2) Never say NEVER.

    JKR could wake up one day itching for another billion dollars and write a 10 book series on the Malfoy Heritage.

    And we would all buy the books and see the movies, you just know we would!

  3. ok, he’s not dying… but whats with the mother fucking weird beard, and long hair… draco’s starting to look like his father, lucius. dammit. what did i eva see in tom felton or draco malfoy.

  4. I’m not quite ready to accept that it’s over just yet 🙁 I haven’t been able to watch the films for ages, I may need a HarryPotterthon to cheer myself up.

    Still, Draco will live on through fanfic for some time to come going by what is currently being produced. It is cathartic in a way being able to see what people do with his future. Though sometimes it’s just depraved! XD

  5. Don’t worry! Malfoy will live on in our hearts!

    Whenever you sneer at a co-worker just to intimidate them – think of Malfoy!

    Whenever you push someone out of line so you can get ahead – think of Malfoy!

    Whenever you fake an injury to get attention – think of Malfoy!

  6. Yes, we were all upset that they made the 37-year-old Draco look like a 70-year-old Dumbledore. Haha.

    But of course, that’s only stage makeup- not sure why it would tarnish your love for Draco… or especially Tom?

    For me, I say kudos to Tom for putting that crap on and being professional about it!

  7. Whenever you 5 year old smirks in the Christmas pictures- think Malfoy (i know i

  8. Dang. Now what am I supposed to do with that lifesized marble Draco I’ve been chisling?

  9. I’d actually replied to Thomas’s very first tweet from last night (it’s been all I’d managed to do, sorrow eating at my heart already, before logging out from Twitter), and only checked out the others this morning.

    Thomas, you didn’t get me upset in anyway. Rather, you allowed me to share your sincere sadness to say goodbye to your friends, school and studios of heart. And to have reminded us that you’d loved being Malfoy all along.

    With Love,


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