Hermione punched Draco with her fist and the audience clapped with enthusiasm, except Tom Felton

I found some old scans of Tom Felton from various magazines. I think one scan is cute and therefore I translated the article for you.


6,000 guests sitting like spellbound at the world premiere “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” in the Radio City Music Hall in New York and stare at the screen. On this, they can see as Hermione punch Draco in his face! The guests are jumping off their seats, yelling and clapping with enthusiasm – except one: Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco.

For the British actor, this whole situation is embarrassing. If he would have magical powers, the 16-year old would make himself invisible and sneak out of the cinema. After the presentation, he admits shy, “I knew Draco is unpopular – but I didn’t know, that he is so hated, I was so shocked!” Anyone who really knows him, will know how much this goes to Tom Felton’s deepest feelings. In fact, the young star is quite the opposite in his real life.
In contrast to his role in the movies, Tom gets guilty feelings even at the slightest occasions: “After the last shooting I took Draco’s wand as a souvenir from the set. But as the director Alfonso Cuaron screamed on set, where the damn part would be, I went to him and confessed everything…”

Maybe Tom’s conscientious behavior is from his time in the church choir, where he sang with seven years. Two years later, he had his first time in front of the camera, in the comedy movie “The Borrowers”. In early 2000 Tom went to the casting for “Harry Potter” – he tried to get the leading part. But the producers had already made her choice for Daniel Radclifffe (14). Instead, Tom was allowed to get into the skin of Draco Malfoy (the name comes from the French “mal foi”, in German: in bad faith) – he plays the role perfectly, although not at his real essence corresponds to:

While Draco is out only to disturb the teaching in the boarding school, Tom enjoys going to school – except for maths …

Even his hobby, which he takes to relieve stress, is quite unspectacular: Since his favorite brother Chris (19) once took him for fishing, Tom is bent completely out to catch fish by himself. “But not just for fun,” he said. “We catch only what will be eaten by us!”

Tom doesn’t like parties and big occations. Since spring he has a girlfriend, and with her he cuddles at home – but her name he tries to keep in secret.

Soon Tom must go back to work: In July the shooting for “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is begin to start. The shooting runs since March in the Leavesden Studios in England. Tom is really happy about it: “I hope, that Draco will take revenge on Hermione!” Grinning, he adds: “It would be cool, if I’d steal her Clothes while she takes a bath and she’d run naked through Hogwarts…”

We have also new old photos of Tom in our gallery.

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15 thoughts on “Hermione punched Draco with her fist and the audience clapped with enthusiasm, except Tom Felton

  1. Hahahahah! naww (‘:

    Gosh, that’s funny. He ‘cuddles with his girlfriend at home’ and imagines naked Emma.. not quite the tender, normal lyrics of his songs 😛

  2. aww.
    that was cute.
    The wanting to take Hermione’s clothes comment made me laugh.

    im under the permanenet impression they had a thing goiing on waaaay back in the day – just for the sheer cuteness of it. 😛

  3. Take Hermione’s clothes and let her run around Hogwarts naked??? Dang! That’s odd. But it was hilarious…!

    It’s so interesting how Draco has so many haters, yet so many lovers. 😀

  4. Yes, I thought the same thing! *lol* What gulf of difference between the said songs and what’s being reported here!

    “Tom doesn’t like parties and big occations”: there have been a time, not long ago, when it’s been quite the contrary, and Thomas was attending any parties here and there. Of course, if it’s a Birthday Party, it’s different…

    Thomas, I knows what’s to feel guilty for anything, especially when there’s no reason to. We’re human, bottom line.

    With Love,


  5. I didn’t cheer when I saw it in theaters haha my brother did with the rest of the people that were cheering but I remember elbowing his stomach really hard because I thought that Tom was really cute :)That’s cute about the cuddling with his girlfriend and the stealing Emma’s clothes thing made me smile

  6. this article is too old for the girlfriend to be jade, is’t it? i wonder who the girl was

  7. oh just kidding, i think i remember seeing some pictures of him with another girlfriend a while back.

  8. Didnt he date Emma at one time and Bonnie also maybe there is a side to Tom we don.t know about.

  9. No, he did not date Emma, but he did have a HUGE crush on her at one point.

  10. @feltbeats From one of your tweets feltbeats: Tom Felton’s first tweet ever (2009-03-02 23:54:38): “writing songs in my pyjamas!”

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