No Tom Felton or FX Show for you, Florida. The con Gods have spoken.

It seems circumstances beyond his control are once again keeping Tom from quality con time with his fans. His recently confirmed trip to Florida for the FX Show has been cancelled, not due to work schedules, but due to circumstances beyond the conventions control – the convention itself has been cancelled.

According to their website:

Dear friends & FX fans,
Due to circumstances beyond my control FX 2010 has been cancelled.I am as disappointed as you are and I personally apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. If you purchased tickets for the show, they will be refunded. Exhibitors & creators, you will be refunded for your booth(s)/table(s). I have loved promoting FX and I have every intention of getting back in the saddle and hope to announce something else in the near future.
Thank you for all of your years of support.

Does this mean Tom will have an actual weekend off in October? Looks like it. I’m sure he’ll have fun whatever he’s doing.

7 thoughts on “No Tom Felton or FX Show for you, Florida. The con Gods have spoken.

  1. @feltbeats oddly enough, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for FX…*pouts* at least i still got the time off.

  2. @feltbeats those frickin jerks! Ho could they?!?This is THE Tom Felton We’re talking about here….glad he’ll have some free time now 4 once

  3. Yes, even if the convention is cancelled, I’m sure too than Thomas will find something to do on his weekend off. It’s not his way to let boredom taking over.

    With Love,


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