Tom Felton is charming at Tulane

Tulane University’s student paper The Tulane Hullabaloo has an article on Tom’s film “From the Rough” shooting at their Zeta Psi house this past Sunday. It seems not only did Tom leave a good impression on the university students, he also left one with the films publicist during his time spent in the Big Easy.

Upcoming movie “From the Rough” filmed at Tulane’s Zeta Psi fraternity house Sunday.

The film includes Tom Felton, who is commonly known for his role as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” movies.

“From the Rough” is based on the true story of the first female coach of an NCAA men’s golf team at Tennessee State University, a historically-black college. Because she can only find one black student willing to join the team, she recruits players from across the globe, including Edward, played by Felton. Though the movie takes place at Tennessee State University, most of it has been filmed in New Orleans.

The scene filmed at the Zeta Psi house features the golf team’s first fraternity party.

Approximately 150 people came to the Zeta Psi house, transforming aesthetic elements of the fraternity house including their letters on the front door, Zeta Psi House Manager Justin Waldman said.

“They brought in a DJ booth with disco balls, they brought in their own couches, they covered up all the windows with this dark film, [and they set up] lighting equipment pretty much everywhere,” Waldman said.

Filming took place from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, following Zeta Psi’s annual Bayou Bash party the previous night.

“The funny thing is last night [Saturday] was Bayou Bash, so it took a week to set up the house for that, and at 3 a.m. after Bayou Bash, we hauled and cleaned out the place for the movie,” Zeta Psi member Evan Nicoll said. “It was pretty epic.”

Waldman said he was sitting on the porch of the Zeta Psi house when location scouts initially approached him about filming at the fraternity house.

“They came to ours to look at it, and they really liked our staircase,” Waldman said. “They just really liked the look of our house.”

Zeta Psi members had the opportunity to meet the cast and crew during the filming.

“I got to meet Tom [Felton],” Nicoll said. “He was a pretty cool guy, pretty down to earth.”

Louisiana offers incentive programs to companies that film in the state. Companies receive tax breaks for filming in the city and for hiring locals, turning New Orleans into a popular locale for filming, “From the Rough” publicist Sheryl Main said.

“I love shooting in New Orleans — except for the weather when it gets really crazy hot,” Main said. “But it’s a very film-friendly town, and the incentive program helps out a lot.”

Main said she expects that people will like Felton in this new role.

“I think audiences will be thrilled when they see him because they’ll see a whole different side of him,” she said. “He’s funny and he’s charming, which you don’t really see in the ‘Harry Potter’ series because he’s the bad guy.”

Tom’s day in Louisiana are numbered, as he’s recently tweeted about the end of filming. The film is scheduled for release in summer of 2011. As soon as more information is made available, we will let you know.

2 thoughts on “Tom Felton is charming at Tulane

  1. The first impression’s often the one counting out the most.

    So, to know than Thomas made a good impression to the students while filming on their campus ground, is only good news the other way around.

    To see Thomas’s funnier’s side and charming personality reinforced by his new charater is worth looking forward.

    With Love,


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