Video: Tom Felton’s Xtra Factor

UPDATE: Better video thanks to BitchesGotTalent! Thanksies!

Tom appeared live earlier today on iTV2’s Xtra Factor. Tom did a fabulous job interacting with host Konnie Huq who seems as big a fan of Tom as we are.

Many thanks to all the Twitterer’s pointing out the price tag on the bottom of Tom’s shoe. It made the wait for those of us unable to watch the Livestream [due to that pesky Not Available In Your Country tag] worth it.

As soon as a better quality video is made available, we will let you know.

14 thoughts on “Video: Tom Felton’s Xtra Factor

  1. Did anyone else notice that in Tom’s caption it said :Tom Felton: HATES Harry Potter”? LOL

  2. I know! I was like “wtf o.O” Though, Tom was Oh So Adorable! Then again, I kinda felt bad for the guy in the middle since he was kind of overshadowed by the other two.

  3. @feltbeats for some reason, ur shortened links are not wanting to work on AOL for some reason.

  4. you noticed that too? lol he is looking quite buff isn’t he? go Tom! now i suggest that girl stays away from Jade. 😉

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