Tom Felton Calls Ralph Fiennes “Mesmerizing” In New USA Today Article

Tom Felton spoke recently with USA Today about how frightening Ralph Fiennes is in character while portraying Voldemort in the Harry Potter films.

“Ralph is mesmerizing,” Felton says. “He never did two takes the same. … I had to keep reminding myself: ‘Stay in character. Don’t just sit there and watch his performance.’ ”

Even when the cameras stop, the aura of Voldemort remains.

“He dominates scenes in the film, and it’s like that off the set as well,” Felton says. “He’s quite a charming guy. And when he opens his mouth, people listen. Let’s put it this way: No one talks over him.”

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4 thoughts on “Tom Felton Calls Ralph Fiennes “Mesmerizing” In New USA Today Article

  1. I’ve to agree with that. If you, Thomas, had to stay in character while filming with him, I had to stay focused while watching the result. I felt like a student aboou having the fingers hit with a ruler, if I wasn’t paying attention.

    With Love,


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