Tom Felton and Dan Hartley at “White Other” Screening

Actor Eugene Osei has shared a photo of himself with Tom and “White Other” director Dan Hartley that was taken at yesterday’s private screening of the short film. For those of you that participated and Solved The Code to see the short film, you may recognize Eugene from clue three, “Gang Stabbing.”

6 thoughts on “Tom Felton and Dan Hartley at “White Other” Screening

  1. @feltbeats hey, i was just wondering if you have hate feelings towards emma. it’s just that, the way you described her on your post -c-

  2. @feltbeats -c- ’emma versus jade’ thing is a little bit humiliating (or something like that)- well, for me :/

  3. It’s being a busy Holiday Season for Thomas! Always on the move, lately.

    Hopefully, he will have more peace and quiet to rest warmly at home with Timber, as soon as Christmas’s Eve is getting closer.

    With Love,


  4. Hi Tom,
    I am very happy to find that you are using my picture that i have taken of you eugene and the director dan hartley.I wanted to know if i can have a credit me at the bottom of the picture and my company.
    Muzzammil hashmi

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