Tom Felton invites you to buy Harry Potter on iTunes (video)

Thanks to ThomasFeltonUK, we bring you this lovely new video Tom did to promote the release of Harry Potter on DVD.

He’s such a great salesperson, don’t you think?

So, who all has bought the DVD or downloaded from iTunes yet? Let us know in the comments! =)

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton invites you to buy Harry Potter on iTunes (video)

  1. Yeah, Thomas certainly does know how to do it, when it comes to promotions, I’ve already noticed that. He’s got everythng to be a great businessman, a Pygmalion, even.

    With Love,


  2. Where can I download are not included in the film footage from the filming of the first part of the movie?

  3. I bought mine last wensday, I didn’t waste a minute to watch it, the movie and the special features are so awesome =D

  4. I think Tom has something of a businessman, especially when it comes to action:) So what’s going in the same vein, Tom! And by the way I have DVD.

    With Love,


  5. He is a great salesman. I had my copy pre-ordered from Amazon since they put it up to be pre-ordered and then got it in the mail Friday.

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