Tom Felton returns to Supanova! He must really like Australia!

According to this post on SupaNova Expo’s Facebook and Twitter, Tom has agreed to return to Supanova Expo in Australia! I know, right? He JUST LEFT!

This is amazing news for Australians who may have missed him! It looks like he will be attending both the Sydney and Perth Supanova shows.

The post says:

Bad news followed by good news. An official release will follow on the website but Luke Perry and Cary Elwes have had to postpone due to work commitments. We immediately rang Tom Felton though and in a huge coup, considering how close his appearance will be prior to the release of the final chapter of the Harry Potter epic, he readily agreed to come back due to the fantastic time he had with us earlier in the month.

Tom is also listed on the guests page for Sydney and Perth.

Times and ticket information:

Sydney: The Dome, Sydney Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park.
10am to 6pm, June 18th and 19th, 2011.
Preview Night June 17th (6pm to 10pm – doors open 5.30pm)

Perth: Robinson Pavillion, Claremont Showground, Perth.
10am to 6pm, June 25th and 26th, 2011.
Preview Night June 24th (6pm to 10pm – doors open 5.30pm)

REMEMBER! As is always the case for these conventions, Tom’s work will take precedence, and he might be forced to cancel. Please keep this in mind when making travel arrangements! But don’t worry, Barbara Eden is pretty cool too! 😉

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton returns to Supanova! He must really like Australia!

  1. Perth often misses out with the big names, we’re quite a small city really. I’d love to take the kids to meet Tom though, they’re big fans of HP.

    It’s kinda nice to see we’re not forgotten 🙂

    Maybe this time he wont get sick. Though, I always catch a flue on a long plain flight – all those confined bugs that float around the cabin and all. I was so sick the day after I arrived in London that I cried on the phone to my mum and dad begging to come home. That changed a week later when I was feeling better though. 😛

    Yay! Come to Perth, Tom! This time, bring J, she’d love it here 😀

  2. awh so lucky!:S i’m jealous;)
    i have the exact address and time of where Tom will be. Only problem is, it’s in Austrailia. And i’m in the UK. woo 🙁 haha 😉

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