Tom Felton talks Potter at New York City’s Big Apple Comic Con (audio)

Thanks so much to Snitchseeker for covering Tom’s Q&A session at New York City’s Big Apple Comic Con, which Tom attended this weekend.

You’ve also got to listen to the audio, which is hard to hear but the interview starts by asking, “Tom, how does it feel to be hot, adorable and sexy?” LOL!

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• Tom said that although he heard nothing by praise about Daniel Radcliffe and his work How to Succeed in Business Without Trying, he will unfortunately not be able to attend a performance this weekend as he won’t have time, and will be leaving New York City on Sunday evening. Tom confirmed that the U.S. premiere for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II will take place in New York City (no specific date announced yet), which he will attend, and then have a chance to see the musical. Tom joked that Dan used to practice song and dance numbers during breaks from filming scenes for Deathly Hallows I and II on set.
• When asked who he’d like to play besides Draco, he said that if the series was remade in 20 years or so, he’d love to play his ‘father’, Lucius Malfoy. He noted this at two different intervals of the panel.
• Tom said that he and Dan have discussed working in films after the completion of the Harry Potter series, but under the strict rule that Tom must play the hero this time. When asked what his dream acting role was, he said simple, ‘James Bond.’
• A fan asked Tom if he was a Draco/Hermione shipper, and Tom in general was rather wary and mortified at the idea of Draco being in a relationship with pretty much any character, though noted Harry in particular. Tom also bemusedly commented on a fanart where he and Dan, as Draco and Harry, are found in compromising situations, which he confirmed never happened in real life. He also admitted that, when asked if he and Dan should date in real life, that they would be the weirdest couple. He joked on the possibility of the relationship happening in the books, and that JK Rowling definitely would have thrown a curve ball there.
• Tom figured that Draco’s actual love life in the books – save a little thing with Pansy Parkinson – was due to a combination of him possibly dealing with more daunting and evil tasks, and the simple fact that he was perhaps just too much in love with himself to consider a partner.
• At one point during one of the first two Harry Potter films, Tom was rather frustrated to the point of actual tears over learning a particular line (though did not say which), but director Chris Columbus had told him the scene went fine. However, the scene in question was never released, either in the final film or deleted scenes. Tom joked that to be a good actor, you just get your lines right, or your scene will be cut.
• Tom admitted that he had only seen a few minutes of the Harry Potter musical online, though was bemused at its three-hour length. He is also very aware that Draco is played by a female. He found it a bit worrying and bemusing that mostly girls dressed up at Draco Malfoy at events.
• On working with Ralph Fiennes, Tom joked that it took him about six years to muster up the courage to talk to him, and in the earlier days would give a feeble ‘hi’ in his presence. As Ralph was generally in costume as Voldemort, Tom found his presence a bit terrifying, though weird to see him doing normal things like drink tea and read the paper in full Voldemort makeup and robes. Once Tom did get to know Ralph, he mentioned how great a person he was in real life, and during one event, actually clung to and hung out with Ralph the entire time.
• Half-Blood Prince, as Tom has noted many times, was his favourite to film, and in the series. He said it was the only one of the films where he performed from the beginning to end of production, and was especially pleased to get personal screentime with Alan Rickman as Snape, whom he said that, despite the ‘sexy voice’, was daunting.
• Tom said that if you ever go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Fl, bring a lot of money. He admitted spending thousands of dollars on merchandise – pretty much anything with the Slytherin crest on it.
• Tom admitted that if he had the choice to take Polyjuice Potion, the characters he’d least like to turn into were Voldemort and Hagrid. Here, Tom explained the bodysuit work for Robbie Coltrane in the films, where Hagrid’s ensemble got so hot that Robbie was practically steaming up. Tom noted that there was a flap made in the costume so cold air could be blown at Robbie (though didn’t mention where the flap was anatomically), to keep him cool.
• On Deathly Hallows: Part II, he said that Draco’s dubious nature is once again tested. He commented on Draco’s character in general, and was pleased that JK Rowling left it a bit ambiguous and open to interpretation. As for Deathly Hallows: Part II, the spoiler scene in question is here.
• Tom said that at one point, where the good guys and bad guys are lined up against each other outside Hogwarts, Voldemort asks those who want to survive to take allegiance with him. Draco, who initially stood on the side of good, is called over by his parents to join Voldemort’s side, and he hesitantly complies.

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  1. I love how he used Drarry to avoid any Dramione questions. Sneaky sneaky Tom.

  2. Yes 😀 We all know that he loves dramione(emmma of course), but he mustn’t say it because of jade -.-

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