New Deathly Hallows interview with Tom Felton

Thanks to the magnificent @masterofmystery and the lovely, we have this great new interview with Tom Felton. In it, he discusses growing up with the franchise, the movie itself, and says some funny things which can be easily taken out of context and misused on Twitter by evil people with too much time on their hands but I’m not pointing any fingers.

P.S. Don’t his mannerisms in this interview remind you of this old interview? I guess it makes sense, since it’s the same person. But, still…

2 thoughts on “New Deathly Hallows interview with Tom Felton

  1. Daniel is good with his tongue, is he? 😀 lololol i LOVE you Tom…. and i cant wait for the Room of Requirement scene!!!!

  2. Oh good God. LMAO. I can’t stop laughing. “Better with his tongue.” Oh, Tom, you do dig the holes you find yourself stranded in, don’t you. Poor soul. Hehehe. I wonder if he realized. He probably did.

    Hi, Trip! Long time no see.

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