Tom Felton’s “White Other” to screen in London, New York and Providence

For those of coming off the end of an era high that is the release of the last Harry Potter film, don’t forget that Tom has another film screening across the globe this summer. His short film White Other, directed by Dan Hartley will be playing at the Zero Film Festival in London, the New York City International Film Festival in New York City, and as previously reported, FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

The Zero Film Festival is an independent not-for-profit festival devoted entirely to promoting the works of independent filmmakers who completely self finance their films. Based out of New York, the festival has been holding screenings not only there, but in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and this is the first year the festival has branched out across the pond. White Other will be shown as part of the three day festival that started yesterday tomorrow, July 16th as part of their 8:30 pm GMT shorts program. Tickets are £8 at the door, and the screening is to be held at the Shortwave Cinema in London.

In August, the film will come back across the pond to the U.S. for screenings on the East Coast. First up is FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival from August 9th – 14th. White Other will be taking part in its Oscar qualifying shorts competition. The final program has not been released to the public, but there is a contingency planning to attend so they may once again see Tom on the big screen. Please contact myself or fellow Feltbeats Administrator Gidge if you would like to join us.

To end the summer, the film will be shown at the New York City International Film Festival between August 11th and 21st. After the festival completes its run at the Hudson Theatre, the film will then be shown free in Times Square August 22nd – 28th. The screenings will be mixed up daily and shown between 1pm and 10pm with a feature film from the festival presented every night at 8pm EST. If you happen to be in the area and possibly wandering through, let us know if you are able to catch the film screened free to the masses.

If you have any questions regarding the screenings or what’s up next for the film, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Disclaimer: I, Feltbeats admin Lily, am a paid employee of Rogue Runner Ltd, owner of short “White Other”, and am completely biased in my representation of said film. Not that I wouldn’t be anyway, just attempting to keep this post legal.

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