Acesso MTV Interviews Tom Felton… Twice is Nice [PS: He plays guitar!]

Acesso MTV first interviewed Tom Felton during the promotional Press Interviews. So this first interview is a pretty nice interview that montages a lot of movie scenes together. Tom Felton appears throughout (along with Dan, Emma, Rupert, and Matthew). Watch him speak a different language. He’s got an ear for it, I think.

If you would like to watch it at the Acesso MTV site, click here. Thanks ScarPotter for the youtube version.

The second video is an interview of him that was recorded off the Television. Thank you LESSANDROALTERNATIVO! However, owing to the quality that always occurs when one video tapes a television set, if someone out there has a more direct copy, please let us know. In this interview, watch Tom Felton play guitar! I know, I know… you can squee. I will allow it. ;). {Check out the cool chick with the pink hair…!} The interview actually starts at 1:30.

They’re both really great interviews, in my utterly humble opinion. Different.

3 thoughts on “Acesso MTV Interviews Tom Felton… Twice is Nice [PS: He plays guitar!]

  1. on the last interview, I love it when the guy was like: “You want to be a rapper.” and they just show Tom’s exprestion, is was so hot!

  2. LOL, actually Rup said that phrase in portuguese way better than Tom.
    But it’s ok, I forgive him, he’s just too sweet <3

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