13 Hrs. To Be Renamed “Night Wolf”

According to BloodyDisgusting.com, Vision Films is renaming 13 Hrs., Night Wolf. The film stars Tom Felton, Gemma Atkinson, and Isabella Calthorpe.

A full moon hangs in the night sky and lightning streaks across dark storm clouds. Sarah Tyler returns to her troubled family home in the isolated countryside, for a much put-off visit. As the storm rages on, Sarah, her family and friends shore up for the night, cut off from the outside world. But something comes out of the driving rain and darkness. Something that holds a dark secret so devastating that, in one night, it could wipe out the entire family. Trapped, Sarah and her brothers and friends must use their heads as well as their physical strength to survive not only the thing that is hunting them down one by one – but their own entrapment as the besieged group turns in on itself. Can they survive the horror stalking them? Or is their enemy already amongst them and has it always been? Can they survive for 13 hours?

There is no release date set for this film yet.

3 thoughts on “13 Hrs. To Be Renamed “Night Wolf”

  1. I wish this would come out in America even if only to video. I’m dying to see Tom die, haha sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help myself.

  2. I’ve seen the trailer for this movie, and it looked great! I think it was only because of Tom, but if he dies in that movie, you wouldn’t want to be around me. 😛

  3. When’s it coming out!? I am so looking forward to seeing it and buying the DVD. Now my 12-year old brother wants to see it. RELEASE THE MOVIE NOW PLEASE!!!

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