Dates for Tom Felton’s mini series “Labyrinth” in Germany

As we reported here and here, “Labyrinth”

is / was already shown in Portugal, Canada and Korea.

Now we got the info from TANDEM COMMUNICATIONS, that “Labyrinth” will be shown in Germany in January 2013. The German title is “Das verlorene Labyrinth”.

The first 2 episodes will be shown on the German TV – channel SAT 1 on Monday, 14th January (8.15pm CET) and the last 2 episodes on Tuesday, 15th January (8.15pm CET) .

And the great thing is, it will be released a DVD of the mini-series in Germany. You can pre-order here and here. Release date is around the 16th January 2013.

In addition, there will be a new German version of the novel. You can pre-order it here , here and here.

Reminder: The last 2 episodes on the Portuguese television (channel TV Series) will be shown today at 11pm UTC and the last 2 episodes on Canadian television (channel Show Case) will be shown next Friday, 7th December at 10pm ET.
Dates for repetition of “Labyrinth” in the Canadian TV click here and here.

Please click here to watch the original trailer by TANDEM COMMUNICATIONS .

Unfortunately, the release dates for all other countries are not known at this time, but we will let you know if we hear more. Stay tuned!

Labyrinth – official Website / Labyrinth on facebook

Tandem Communications – official Website / Tandem Communications on facebook

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