Extra Questions – Essential Homme’s interview with Tom Felton by Evan Ross Katz

Tom is in the February/March issue of the magazine Essential Homme (we reported here). Evan Ross Katz interviewed Tom and had many questions for him, but not all questions of the interview are in the magazine. He has published more questions of the interview on the site of Essential Homme.

One on One with Golden Boy, Tom Felton 


Evan Ross Katz:

I was given 40 minutes with British actor Tom Felton for our interview in the February/March issue of the print magazine (out now!), and while I was happy to keep the focus on Harry Potter and Felton’s upcoming projects for the print edition, I had a lot of other, equally important questions that there simply wasn’t room for. Questions about his Instagram, if he’d ever do a Broadway show, what he really thought of his new home in Los Angeles, what kind of food he ate, the list goes on and on—and on a bit more; I had a lot I wanted to know! Luckily, he’s the friendliest and was more than game. And so it went…

Evan Ross Katz: Did you always know you wanted to be an actor growing up?

Tom Felton: Not per se. It wasn’t something I was actively chasing. I used to enjoy going to the theatre with my parents and my brothers. My older brothers were part of an amateur drama group, so I’d watch their shows as a kid, and naturally it became something I wanted to do. The main thing that drove me as a child was that I enjoyed doing it. No matter what the role, TV or theatre, I really enjoyed the whole process.

ERK: Correct me if I’m being presumptuous, but perusing your Instagram, I would picture your perfect day to include your dog, Timber, a few rounds of golf, and… give me a third thing.

TF: I noticed that recently. I was flicking through some of my lasts posts and it’s literally dogs and golf. I’ll try and mix it up for you, Evan, don’t worry.

ERK: Thank you.

TF: I love the outdoors, so probably a fire. I love to sit outside with a nice fire.


ERK: Are you living in LA at the moment?

TF: Yeah, I just moved here. It’s beautiful so far, especially this time of year. Back home in London, it’s a little more chilly, so I’m very happy to be on this side of the pond.

ERK: Can we do the “biggest difference between LA and London” question?

TF: In my experience people are a bit more outgoing in LA. There’s much more of an outdoor lifestyle. The weather seems to breathe happiness. Not to say there isn’t that in London—there certainly is—but it’s just a different lifestyle out here that I really enjoy.

ERK: What about food?

TF: Well this is going to sound terrible, but the In-N-Out Burger is definitely my favorite lunch spot. Definitely a reason to come to California.

ERK: Might we get some new music in 2014?

TF: I’d like to think so. I’d like to think I’m always tinkering and working on stuff. It’s just a case of ‘if I get the time and the right place and the right people to record it.’

ERK: Who would be some of your dream artists to collaborate with?

TF: I’m not sure if I’m in the realm of collaborating with any of these people but I enjoyed the new John Mayer album, the new Jack Johnson album, [and] loved the new Eminem album. It’s quite a varied group there. I’m not sure what the four of us would sound like if we dove forth with it…

ERK: Only one way to find out.

TF: Right. If you can hook it up, I’m in.

ERK: Does one ever get used to the flashbulbs?

TF: It was awkward as a child and it’s still pretty awkward now—just standing there with this enormous smile on your face while a billion flashbulbs go off. It’s not something you get used to. Every year when I get lucky enough to go to a new city, promoting something or rather, I’m always surprised to see how far the Harry Potter films have reached. All across America, Canada, South America, it doesn’t seem I’ve been anywhere where people don’t know about the films, which is incredibly humbling.


ERK: You worked with acclaimed playwright Neil LaBute on his first TV venture, Full Circle, do you have any aspirations to do Broadway? Would you consider a musical?

TF: Yeah, definitely. It’s not in my immediate focus or drive, but that’s how I started, doing theatre, so it wouldn’t be something that felt too unnatural to me. I’d love to do [one] if it’s the right one.

ERK: Do you have a favorite?

TF: Jersey Boys is the one I’ve seen the most. My girlfriend and I are big fans of that music. Also Blood Brothers. It would be a dream come true to be in that.

ERK: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

TF: My girlfriend’s guilty here as well, she kind of lured me into it, but you know trash TV—like those terrible reality TV programs that you seem to be able to watch for hours that actually say and do nothing?

ERK: I’m quite familiar. Do you have favorites among them?

TF: The Hills is one of them over in England that’s big. I always say I don’t enjoy watching it, and then I’m there two hours later still watching, so I don’t really know how to explain it.

ERK: What are your 2014 resolutions?

TF: Resolutions, good call. I haven’t given it any thought. Can you give me some inspiration?

ERK: I have no idea. I might do a gluten free situation for a month. Sounds incredibly dire, though.

TF: I might do something like that as well. A friend of mine cut out bread and pasta, so I might follow him or try some radical new food diet for a month. I’ll do it with you, Evan, and we can see how we’re both doing.

ERK: Perfect. Oh, and like 2013, I am going to try and divorce myself from the trashy TV.

TF: Good call. We should do that together, too. At least cut it down to an hour a week.

ERK: Deal.

The print magazine out now on newsstands. You can also order it on their site
and the digital issue of the magazine here.

We will upload the full interview from the magazine later.

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