‘From the Rough’ with Tom Felton NOW in theaters – new videos on the official movie website

TODAY  – Tom’s movie From the Rough opens in 35 cities across the U.S. !

Click  h e r e  to enter your Zip Code to find the nearest movie theater and see showtimes !

BTW, From the Rough updated the official website. They’ve uploaded more videos and you can watch two new videos with Tom. (Stacey invites Edward to a party in FROM THE ROUGH & Edward and Stacey meet for the first time in FROM THE ROUGH)
Click  h e r e  to watch the new videos!

FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 003 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 113 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 129 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 133 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 163 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 176 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 225 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 258 FTR_EPK_CLIP_04_Edward&Stacey 313 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 007 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 010 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 019 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 058 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 063 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 067 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 147 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 233 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 304 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 381 FTR_EPK_CLIP_10_Stacey&Edward_InvitesToParty 464

From the Rough – official site / From the Rough – Facebook / From the Rough – Twitter

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