Tom Felton’s movie “From the Rough” At A Theater Near You – Theatrical On Demand

Now you have the chance to see From the Rough at a theater near you !

From the Rough on GATHR

From the Rough posted on their Facebook page :

We are pleased to inform all of you that have asked about the opportunity to see From the Rough in a theater that we have entered into a distribution agreement with, to enable that to happen.

You can organize a screening in your community, or, if someone else has done so, you can sign up to attend that screening. If enough individuals sign up, the Gathr representatives will find a suitable theater and enable you to purchase a ticket.

Your credit card will not be charged unless a screening is officially scheduled. Please take advantage of this opportunity, and let us know how it has worked.

e44a842562ef9ca57c10dc6681235d89cbfe724b_642x900For information about Gathr® – please click h e r e –> What is Gathr®?

easyontheeyeThe DVD of From the Roughwill be released in the U.S. on September 2, 2014 ! (we reported here)



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