Tom Felton as “The Joker” at MCM Birmingham Comic Con

Yesterday, Tom Felton was at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con. Unfortunately, there was no autograph and photo session with him, because he was there for his documentary “Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics” for BBC Three. But the fans had the chance to see him at his panel.

BTW, Tom walked around disguised as “The Joker”. 😉B3FJg9gIAAEZ4KXB3FJfw9IcAAtmUU B3FJg0cIAAAUmHd B3FJg53IAAEux7n

Thanks to @WeasleyRiddle  for the “Joker” pics! 🙂

Tom during his panel :

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More photos in our gallery.

We also have some videos for you. 🙂

Ein von @englandevents gepostetes Video am

Thanks to all for the pics and videos! 🙂

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