Tom Felton interviewed by Radio Times Magazine

Tom was interviewed by Patrick Foster for Radio Times Magazine. In it he speaks about his upcoming BBC show Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics, his relationship with his Harry Potter co-stars, and his new TV series that is about to be screened in the UK, Murder in the First.

A transcript of the interview can be read below, along with images of the interview courtesy of Janet France on Twitter!

Tom Felton

Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy relishes being the bad guy – again

It is true you’re making a BBC documentary about super-fans and stalkers?

Yes. It’s something I’ve never had an opportunity to do – spend time with these kinds of people. It’s a fascinating thing. I’m so conditioned to it now it all seems natural. I remember once, in Japan, I wasn’t even sure if they’d heard of Harry Potter, but there were hundreds of very excited young and old women with banners saying “Welcome Draco”. It makes you feel like one of the Beatles.

What sort of reaction do you normally get from the public?

I generally get a warm reaction. I have been booed and hissed a bit, and younger kids did tend to be petrified, but most of them have grown up now: I get requests to say mean things to people and leave nasty phone messages.

Are you still in touch with the other Potter actors?

I see Rupert [Grint, who payed Ron Weasley] in New York. We had a nice little reunion dinner with Dan [Radcliffe – Harry Potter] as well. We all stay in touch. It’s odd when we see each other now. Last time we had beards and shaggy haircuts. The years are showing!

Do you thing JK Rowling will ever bow to the pressure and write more books?

If she does, I just hope she does it before I’m too old! But the fan base isn’t going anywhere, the popularity is gaining, even. More and more people recognise me in the street.

You’re playing a baddie again, tech genius Erich Blunt, in Murder in the First. Do you ever worry about being typecast?

I don’t worry at all. When I signed up to do the pilot, I had no idea what was going to happen. So I had to trust that we weren’t going to be drastically surprised and I wasn’t sure how far along the spectrum of evil my guy was going to be. But I enjoy sinister characters; they’re very different to how I am in reality. I don’t pick these roles, I just get given them.

What was it like putting on the American accent?

I’ve done it a couple of times and it used to be a conscious effort. It’s kind of progressed, having lived here for so long, and it’s just natural now. My family do take the mickey.

What can’t you miss on TV?

Peaky Blinders. I love that whole era. I think the acting is fantastic, and it’s a really exciting insight into English history.

What was the last thing you turned down?

Panto. They wanted me to be some evil genie or something. That and I’m a Celebrity, and I’ve had requests to do Dancing on Ice. It would take an eight figure sum to get me to do that. No, that’s my ego talking. It’s kind of putting your neck on the line, and I’m not brave enough.

Murder in the First starts at 10pm on Friday on Fox



1. Downtown Abbey or Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders. Although I am a Downtown fan as well.

2. EastEnders or Corrie?

3. Strictly or X Factor? Neither!

4. Rugby or Football?

5. Pointless or University Challenge?

University Challenge – it’s a staple of my childhood.



Many thanks again to Janet for the photo of the interview!

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