Video and photos of Tom Felton on ITV’s “This Morning” Show

As we reported here, Tom was on today’s This Morning show on ITV to promote his TV series Murder in the First .

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It’s been more than three years since Tom Felton played the villainous Draco Malfoy in the final Harry Potter film, but whilst he may have hung up his Slytherin robes, he definitely hasn’t abandoned his evil ways!

Tom is currently starring as a calculating, ruthless Silicon Valley billionaire in new US crime drama Murder In The First.

And he says there were huge differences in working on a TV show to a blockbuster film.

“It was very enjoyable doing eight pages a day rather than an eighth of a page so there was a lot less waiting around.

“The whole catering budget on Harry Potter probably cost the same as this.”

Tom also revealed he took a leap of faith with the new role as he given very little information about the part and the producers would only let him see the one pilot episode.

“Naturally I wanted to know how the character progresses and what happen but they refused to give us any information. The cast would try and get together each morning to put together our own theories about what was going to happen and who was guilty.”

credit: This Morning

Here is a short video in which he talks about Murder in the First :

Unfortunately you have to be in the UK area to watch the full interview with Tom or the video of the show.

Click here for the full inteview with Tom or click on the photo below.


Please click here for the video of the show.

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More photos in our gallery.

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  1. Hi my love… I am happy right now because I will see u as my Draco Malfoy… My slythrin prince!….

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