Tom Felton’s animated film ‘Sheep and Wolves’ at Catalina Film Festival

As we reported here, Tom has lent his voice Wolf Grey in the new animated film
Sheep and Wolves.

The film has been announced for the Catalina Film Festival, which runs from 28th September to 2nd October 2016.

The North America Premiere of Sheep and Wolves will be at Catalina Film Festival
on 1st October 2016 at 1:30 pm. (click here)

The official final trailer by Wizart Animation :

In a magical faraway land lives a flock of carefree sheep, but their pastoral life is interrupted when a pack of wolves sets up camp in the nearby ravine.

While sheep are trying to figure out how to live side by side with their new neighbors, wolves are about the choose a successor to their retiring leader.

The pack’s favorite, but hopeless goofball Grey takes on a challenge of proving to everyone, including his fiancee Bianca, that he is worth becoming a leader. However, he faces a slight mishap on the way: having taken the magic poison, he ends up in the body of a … Ram!

Grey - Tom Felton– about the character :

The main character. Strong, savvy and quick-witted.
Grey could become a leader, if it were not for his carelessness and irresponsibility. He doesn’t take things around him seriously. He wouldn’t think twice about leaving his post when he’s guarding the entire pack’s food supply, just to wander off into the forest to have some fun.

Grey would spend an entire month crafting a silly costume to make his friends laugh and to make Ragear have a hissy fit. Having fun is what he lives for; serious matters should be somebody else’s worry. Grey is in love with the most beautiful she-wolf in the pack, but he doesn’t treat their relationship any more seriously than everything else.

Other wolves love Gray for his kindness, sense of humor and charismatic personality, but nobody believes he could ever become a great leader.

As a result of his carelessness Grey ends up transforming into a ram!!

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