Videos : Welcome Tom Felton & The Flash – Paradox Scene

Today, Tom Felton will appear in his first episode of The Flash – Season 3 .
For this exciting moment, The CW Television Network has released two videos.

Welcome Tom Felton (Carlos Valdes and Keiynan Lonsdale talk about Tom)

The Flash – Paradox Scene

Tom was also mentioned in various interviews.

IGN: We’re finally meeting Tom Felton’s character Julian Albert in episode 2. What can you tease about what role he’s going to play broadly in The Flash this season, and why are you excited about people meeting his character?

Helbing: First, Tom is amazing. Every scene he has with Barry, they’re amazing. We just really got excited. [Barry] is a guy who, at 25, has sort of had free reign in the CSI lab and he’s been easily able to use all the information he gets on the metahumans to solve the crimes and take that information back to Star Labs. We really were excited about having a workplace antagonist and to have that extra obstacle through the whole season and to have a guy that is on to you, that something’s not quite right with who you are and what you’re doing and the absences you have at work and all of this time that you’re gone. Julian is a smart guy, so he starts to figure out exactly what it is that Barry is doing. Not in the regard that he figures out he’s the Flash, but in the regard that everybody else has turned a blind eye to what you’re doing, but I don’t. It was an exciting scenario to put Barry in.

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Access: Tom Felton [makes his ‘Flash’ debut in this episode]. … When you were crafting that character, you didn’t know who you were going to cast, right? I am curious if he had any influence on the tweaks you made to that character once you knew you got Tom in?
Todd: You write the character a certain way, and I mean, he was always going to be this prickly antagonist who is Barry’s — in a lot of ways, his boss and sort of is on to his disappearances and he’s a smart guy, so he starts to figure out something is wrong with Barry, and he doesn’t like him because of that. But … as the season goes on and you start to see more and more scenes, [you] start to pick out what’s really working and the chemistry between these two guys and then you can just write to make the scenes that much better, just more informed. So it certainly changes and evolves over the course of the season. A perfect example is last year, I think in our first table read with Harry, Tom [Cavanagh] was crossing out dialogue, and we’re like, ‘Oh crap he hates this.’ But it wasn’t that. He just felt like his character said less. And you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s so right. Why don’t we do that?’ And it’s just more informed moving forward.
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Screenshots : Welcome Tom Felton

the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0043the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0128 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0145 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0281 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0297 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0307 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0322 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0367 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0376 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0404 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0471 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0491 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0515 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0575 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0607 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0629 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0671 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0715 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-0923 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-1050the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-1201 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-1208 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-1222 the-flash-welcome-tom-felton-1434

Screenshots : The Flash – Paradox Scene

the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0230 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0334 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0359 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0405 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0453 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0542 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0697 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0707 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0731 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0882 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-0966 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1131 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1251 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1295 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1357 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1458 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1680 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1720 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1827 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1835 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-1875 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-2004 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-2164 the-flash-paradox-scene-the-cw-2216

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