Book a Cameo from Tom Felton

Tom Felton is now on Cameo – Cameo lets fans book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people.

BookCameo creates personal and memorable moments between fans and their favorite people by bringing them closer together than ever before.
source : Cameo

Book a Cameo from Tom Felton h e r e ! Book now for 100$ !

BTW, Tom hopes to help fund some local dog shelters in LA by it.

He has already recorded several cameo videos.
Go to the cameo page and watch the personalized videos.

One thought on “Book a Cameo from Tom Felton

  1. Hello my name is Becky and I can not believe Tom is at the Ebenwald Festival in Hamburg today. Unfortunately, I can not do it this weekend. and my biggest wish would be an autograph from him. I love his music and him as an actor.

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