Tom Felton To Star In Some Other Woman

The last few weeks, Tom has been in the Cayman Islands working on a new project, and today we can announce he will be starring in the new psychological thriller “Some Other Woman”.

Also starring Amanda Crew, Ashley Greene Khoury, Brooke Lyons and Rick Fox, the film will be directed and produced by Joel David Moore.

Some Other Woman is a psychological thriller following Eve Carver (Crew), a woman whisked away to a tropical island by her husband’s work for what was only supposed to be a few months. But as the months turn to years, Eve is forced to give up her own dreams as the island fever grows stronger and stronger. Reality begins to unravel around her as she encounters a strange woman (Greene) who begins taking over her life, piece by piece.

This is the second time Tom has shared the screen with Twilight alum Ashley Greene Khoury, having starred with her in the 2012 paranormal thriller The Apparition.

For more info, check out Deadlines announcement from earlier today by clicking here.


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