Golden markers & fancy wands: More videos of Tom Felton

From the past few weeks, here are a few more videos of Tom Felton as found on the web.

Outside the Harry Potter train in Paris. I have no idea what the commentators are saying, but Tom has fun demonstrating how to move his wand at around 2:50.

At Collectormania; a close-up.

From the Fnac Signing, this is a professional video done by the store of Tom, Bonnie, James, and Oliver as they signed everything they could with their metallic markers. There is a lot of crowd coverage from the event including a pan of Feltbeats Army member Shanajaca! Were you there? Can we see you? Let us know!

Thanks Estrella89san for the tips!

16 thoughts on “Golden markers & fancy wands: More videos of Tom Felton

  1. My Goodness! He’s actually moving his wand like a sword in escrime, as if he had truly learnt how to fence. A bit like Lucius does himself, in fact. The translator’s voice is covering Tom’s, it’s a real nightmare. A good thing there were the subtitles! And what crown at the FNAC!

    With Love,


  2. Yeah you can see me handing over my book at 45 seondes and you can see bonnie signing it and you can see me talking to Tom if you look fast lol the last you can see me is at 57 secondes . Thank you for finding this it feels great lol to see this !!!
    Lots of love Shanajaca / Erika

  3. Apart from the weird waving Frenchmen… Awesome!

    Rafaela_Freitas and Sam are right… Drago Malefoy sounds amazing in French 😀

    LOL waving the microphone like a wand!

  4. I’m ashamed to see how the Frenchman is bad.. He says so much wrong things –‘

    – Sorry for the bad English –

  5. HAHA Harry in French is quite amusing!
    I think i laughed for 5 minutes straight after re-watching the clip over and over. Now my sides hurt! 🙂

  6. Here’s a translation of what the presenter says (minus a few words I just can’t make out), just after explaining who Bonnie is:

    “… and then this boy, Tom Felton, who plays the role of Drago Malefoy, the nasty one, the ennemy of Harry Potter. It’s he who has, moreover, the most interesting role in this new Harry Potter, which I haven’t seen, but it’s the most interesting role because there is going to be a battle between the two. I suggest you listen to him…”

    I can’t understand what Tom says when he makes that dueling gesture with the microphone. Is it French?

    It really seems that Olivier is very psyched, not just about the train and the film, but about Tom’s role in it!

    I should add that during the commentary earlier in the story Olivier says that the train is unique in the world, that they tried to get something like this together in England, but it didn’t work. Of course, for the SNCF (French train system) it is “pas tres complique”. Of course, the French are not exactly known for their humility;)

    Also, I find it incredibly endearing that a “magic wand” in French is a “baguette magique”!

    • Haha, I wondered by they mentioned baguettes!

      And Tom’s wand demonstration was the cutest thing ever! He wasn’t talking French, just saying something like, “It’s a bit like this. Did you get it?” (to the cameraman).

      I don’t know much French, but I could tell the two announcers were mocking Harry Potter in the very beginning. “Oooo Harry Potter in Paris! Oooo!”

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