New Pics of Tom Felton in July’s Reader’s Digest

As we reported yesterday, a new interview featuring Tom is in the July 2009 UK edition of The Reader’s Digest. Thanks to Twitter user Rainey82, we now have scans of the complete article including new photos.

Each scan is completely clickable for easier reading pleasure.

Thanks, Rainey82!

10 thoughts on “New Pics of Tom Felton in July’s Reader’s Digest

  1. Thank you so much for the scans, since editions of the Reader’s Digest are often varying slightly from one country to the next. Therefore, I can’t tell in advance if it’ll be featured in ours this month, or the next. I quite like very much the picture of him on the last page. A pure Angel’s face!

    With Love,


  2. Read the article, and I love it! So amusing! The part of “Lucius Malfoy” adopting him was hilarious!! lmao!

  3. “When youngsters are invited on set, they run up and hug Dan, but I don’t get any of that.”

    AWWWW. If I were with that bunch, I mos def run to Tom. More for me! XD

  4. is anybody would buy me the article?!
    I’ll replace ur money.. send it to Indonesia please..
    just kidding but he’s kinda hot here…:d

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