Tom Felton: Bad Boy Found

Entertainment Weekly just released it’s Enfants Terrible: 31 Hateful TV/Movie Children list, and number one is Tom’s portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.


Blonde or not, according to The Disappeared director Johnny Kevorkian, there were plenty of kids willing to approach the bad boy portraying actor while they were filming. In fact, their presence ended up benefiting the film, even if it did take a bribe out of Draco’s book in order for it to happen.

“We tried to keep in the background, but as soon as the kids on the estate got wind that Tom Felton (of the Harry Potter films) was there, they ran around asking for autographs, but it helped us befriend the locals who were absolutely lovely. … In the playground scenes we had to stop the kids running around: we’ll give you an autograph if you sit still for a few minutes, and they were great.”

For more information on the filming, casting, and making of The Disappeared, read the rest of Johnny’s interview with Matthew F. Riley at The Great White Space.

4 thoughts on “Tom Felton: Bad Boy Found

  1. aww, he was soo cute back then too! I totally had a crush on him.

    Ron? Harry?! WHO?

    I was totally all about Draco!

  2. At the time back then, I couldn’t believe it was the sweet Petit Louis from Anna And The King, that I had actually recognized giving young Draco his traits! But there was no mistake, it was well the same kid!

    With Love,


  3. It’s because of this bad boy that made HP (and sequels) such an entertaining movie! Always awaiting to see what he’s up to next!
    Tom portrays the role of Malfoy so well! Love his evil grin and fierce-full-of-hatred expressions.
    Still, I can never hate such a cutie <3 Lol~

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