New Pic of Tom Felton in Japan’s “Screen” Magazine

In the August 2009 edition of Japan’s Screen Magazine, there is a 25 page article concerning the upcoming release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. While we are still waiting on a translation of the article itself, we wanted to share with you the lovely new pic of Tom courtesy of Chinamin, the administrator at The Unofficial Tom Felton fan page for Japanese.

In this picture with Tom from behind-the-scenes of the Sectumsempra bathroom sequence is HBP Director David Yates.

To view the full page scan featuring this photo, please check out our galleries.

Thanks, Chinamin!

6 thoughts on “New Pic of Tom Felton in Japan’s “Screen” Magazine

    • I’ve noticed as well that he’s always very calm and collected, no matter what he’s doing. Although the scene he was shooting here was far from being it. Most japanese magazines are true catalogues, as I’ve seen during my trip in Tôkyô, and well presented. Suki desu!!

      With Love,


  1. This HP promises to be exellent.This photo is beautiful and we see Tom very interested in what he does as a result will probably magic

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