New Hi-Res Promotional Stills of Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy

Hi-Res stills of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have recently been released with two of them featuring Tom as Draco. One is an image we’ve seen in one of the many TV spots that have surfaced while the other is brand new. They can be seen below, or in our galleries.

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Source: Snitchseeker

From, we have also been given a larger version of a small screen capture taken from one of the HBP trailers. This is a pic of Tom as Draco in the potions classroom losing out on that Felix Felicis. It must not have been his lucky day. 😉

Thanks to Felton Fan Elbenstein for the tip!

11 thoughts on “New Hi-Res Promotional Stills of Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy

  1. Two more weeks till the movie… all these pics are driving me crazy! Can’t wait. Great shots tho. I especially love the ones with all the Slytherins looking glum. Very cool.

  2. I especially like the first picture, because of the smooth light effect upon his face, and of the expression printed onto his features.It changes a lot from all the previous pictures of Tom as Draco I’ve seen into the past (no into the recent one, I precise).

    With Love,


  3. he looks so hot in the last picture you posted! can’t wait until the movie starts .. that’s going to be so… *drool* twelve girls in the vip lounger screaming for him haha it’s going to be sooooo crazy .. i think they’ll most likely throw us out of the theatre

  4. I love the first one, it just shows how gorgeous he is, and also how in character he is, it just screams DRACO and not TOM, i love it.

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