British GQ, Riley, Oscar(!) & more Tom Felton in print

As we mentioned in our previous post, Tom is featured in the August issue of GQ, the British version. While we’ve already seen most of the quotes from the small blurb on him, it is interesting to note that he’s read Dramione fan fiction… and didn’t seem turned off by it.

Thanks to Tomsgal for the scan. Click on the pic for easier reading pleasure.

In other print related photo news, Snitchseeker received the following scan taken of a random Canadian newspaper. It includes three new photos from his Canadian press junket shoot that we kept you up to date on during Feltbeats Live Blog HBP premiere coverage. Do you know which newspaper this is from? Leave a comment and let us know.

And to keep those rumors of Tom being Riley in Twilight’s third installment Eclipse alive, we have this short article from today’s Hollywood Crush. Oscar, what?

Maybe its his boyish good looks, his charming smile or his perfectly mastered snarl, but there’s something about Tom Felton that makes us want more. The “Harry Potter” star is sure to wow audiences with his tortured portrayal of Draco Malfoy in tomorrow’s (!) “Half-Blood Prince” and maybe even earn some Oscar buzz now that the Academy Awards have opened themselves up to 10 nominees.

But, there is a different sort of buzz going on from a fan circuit often found opposing “Harry Potter”: “Twilight” fans are clamoring for Tom to play Victoria’s lackey Riley in 2010’s “Eclipse.”

Tom isn’t the first guy “Twilight” fans have latched onto for the role. First Melissa Rosenberg, screenplay scribe for “The Twilight Saga,” threw a curveball when she told E! News she pictured Channing Tatum as Riley in the epic battle at the end of “Eclipse.” Then, Evil Iguana Productions fans rampaged the comments section of the article begging for Craig Deering to be cast as the role of Riley. Tom is one in a long line of fan-favorites to play the role, but he is quickly becoming the most popular.

“Ill be ready when they want me! Really, I’m only joking. Im not really sure at this point; but you will be the first to know if I find out anything!” Tom told his fansite, He reiterated the sentiment on his Twitter, saying, “i keep getting asked if im being cast as Riley in Twilight! Ill let you all know if so!!!”

If Tom does make the cut, he will join Robert Pattinson as the second actor to make the jump between series, though newcomer Jamie Campbell Bower is also going to be joining the fray as Caius in “New Moon” and Gellert Grindelwald in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Part 1 and 2.

20 thoughts on “British GQ, Riley, Oscar(!) & more Tom Felton in print

  1. I read the Oscar buzz thing earlier today, I could not get on Feltbeats all day, there was an error message each time. I have to say that I was sooo EXCITED to see that mention. I am not at the film tonight, going tomorrow night and can hardly wait. I think I’ll preorder the DVD.

    The GQ pic looks gorgeous indeed. And the Draco/Hermione reference – blah, he didn’t say he believed it. The other “crude” pic, which I have never seen, but seen others from my only other famdon X-Files, I agree. These actors never gave their permission to use their image that way. But I have to say the teasing thing from his brother is priceless.

  2. Channing is too old to play Riley! Doesn’t MR know that? She read the books, wrote the scripts! I’m still rooting for Tom!! I hope we get news soon that he’s playing Riley in Eclipse!xoxo

  3. if tom plays as will b great,but riley dies in the end,so dat wil upset! from a wizard to a vampire..prty good jump..all the pale skin and good looks will make a tom a beautiful vampire..tom did justice to draco..thats all i have to say..

  4. Great! After watching all those clips from HBP and reading Eclipse I was like yup Tom’s the perfect Riley all right! Channing Tatum and Craig Deering don’t stand a chance! Like the artile says “Tom is one in a long line of fan-favorites to play the role, but he is quickly becoming the most popular” Go Tom!;)

  5. HE LOOKS EFFING HOT IN THAT PIC! Ok??!! “Then, Evil Iguana Productions fans rampaged the comments section of the article begging for Craig Deering to be cast as the role of Riley.”?????!!! really?? 🙄 no way 🙄 If it’s talking about that Eonline article by Mark Macklin then yea that was totally crap because I read half of the comments and it was 1 person commenting with millions of usernames! duh! 🙄 It was so obvious! Tom could pull of this role better than that Deering dude and Tatum put together!

  6. Tom is in the Storycasting database, as are the Twilight novels. You can all come to Storycasting and cast Tom Felton as Riley – or any other book-role-actor combination.
    “for the movie in your mind”

    • So, he’s finally decided to read some Draco/Hermione shipping stories? Having began like this before to move on with my own characters (Anthony/Amandine), nothing could make me more happy than learn that. Although I shall confess than my iPod playing list is still betraying that fact…a lot, and that all my concerns go to Anthony, now.

      The picture in B& W of him is very good, filled with mystery, inviting us to think: do we really know what the kid’s made of? And the color ones from the canadian press magazine show him from a more relaxed, appeased point of view, I like that.

      With Love,


  7. wow! he really does look hot in that pic! and dramione??? wow… even better! XD

    and I think the newspaper that the photo was taken of is The Sun (Sunday, july 12, 2009)

    I took that page from the newspaper at my work… XD I’ll post another page where they talks about Tom when I get my hands on my scanner. XD

  8. He really looks like a grown-up these days. In a very good sense. Like I´ve mentioned before- he seems very N´SYNC.

    Comes across like a real actor—-I like that.

  9. This GQ picture is the best picture he’s ever taken hands down. I don’t consider myself a fangirl and his music is not really my taste, but he caught my attention through his work, his personality, and very his interactive relationship with his fans. He is absolutely great to his fans and I think his fans fancy him more and respect him in all aspects because of it. He is not my type at all, but I have to say he is smoking hot on this picture. The facial hair works on him and part of me can’t wait for HP to be over so he can keep this look. The facial hair helps eases some of the sharpness of his face and the lighting gives him a smoky look. I just wish him luck in his endeavors and he has gained another supporter.

  10. soo i think that it would be SWEET if you got to play Riley in “eclipse” due to the fact i love the twilight series and i love tom felton!
    so yeah !

  11. Can’t anyone please ask him what story he read. :)Would be interesting to know. 🙂 I love Dramione! And on another note, looks like Contra Veritas (Colored grey)are on it’s way back. Happy!!! 🙂

  12. I died with happiness when I read the bit about Dramiones. I mean, I doubt he’s an avid reader but I couldn’t help but think “What has he read?” “Did he like it?” “Was it a story *I* wrote.”

    lol in any case, I hope he read something GOOD, like something by Gravidy, and not some of the crap that’s out there.

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