Wrap-up: Tom Felton at HBP Premiere in New York

It’s officially been six days since Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiered in New York. If you were around and watching then, you know we kept you up to date as quickly as possible when we turned the site into a Live Blog for the event. Now we’re here to wrap it all up in a pretty bow to present to you all New York coverage in one place.

For more pics of Tom in New York, check out either our press gallery, or the photos from Feltbeats Army members on the scene (the Feltforce) gallery.

First up, some videos from the press line.

Tom doesn’t appear in this one until approximately 7 minutes in.

And now we see him talking with some fans!

For even more fan reactions to Tom as he walked by the crowd, you can check out these other videos on YouTube.

Tom talks to the Feltbeats Army
Acknowledgements to the Fans
Bubble Amusement
A really excited fan with narration (Tom’s near the end)
Tom Felton zooms by
Tom Felton zooms by one again

And just for a laugh… Did he wear the same shirt to his GMTV spot? Regardless, this is a hoot. Watch me.

For various press (print) reactions to the New York premiere, you can check out the following links. These are mostly small blurbs about how amazing he is, how hot he is, or fan reactions from the press line.

Socialite Life
Ace Showbiz
Little About

3 thoughts on “Wrap-up: Tom Felton at HBP Premiere in New York

  1. went to the 12:45 AM showing i loved the movie and tom was great, i got kinda sad when i saw draco bleeding but wow tom has done it again!!
    sometimes during the movie people would take things the wrong way like when ron says “did you and ginny do it?.” 😉 people started cracking up but then he said “you know the book” and then just silence. 🙂

  2. My Goodness! I never thought there had been so many videos related to the event, only for N-Y! I’m planning to see the movie this week end in my town. On Saturday, that is. Caro, I’m not surprised at all by your anecdote. I got the same in my town!

    With Love,


  3. Wow,I’m speechless! He’s just so calm and relaxed and all around great with the fans. While they scream their heads off he smiles sweetly and poses for pictures. You’re amazing Tom!!! 🙂 xxx

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