Another Interview, Another Metro Tom Felton Day

Another interview given by Tom has popped up today, this time on In it Tom discusses who the biggest diva was on the set of HBP, who his role model is, Draco and being typecast, his film The Disappeared, and whether or not he’s an adrenalin junkie.


Who’s your role model?

Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption is my idea of a dream part. I love Jim Broadbent [Horace Slughorn] and Michael Gambon [Professor Dumbledore]. Everyone from Harry Potter, really, as they’re all such classy actors. Stuff they’ve done often goes under the radar in Hollywood but I think it’s some of the finest material out there.

What’s the worst thing you did as a boy?

It was miles away from anything Malfoy’s done. I didn’t chase the girls with worms or anything but I was quite quick to answer back in class. I was a bit of a mouth.

You go to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Can you do any magic tricks?
I hate to say this but no. My magic is limited outside the walls of Hogwarts.

Thanks to AlessaB for the tip!

5 thoughts on “Another Interview, Another Metro Tom Felton Day

  1. I was quite quick to answer back in class. I was a bit of a mouth.

    😆 When I was your age, that kind of classmate was getting the rest of the class going for a roar of laughter, especially when none liked the teacher!! 😉

    With Love,


  2. Anyone who admires Tim Robbins is Shawshank is RIGHT! I wish him an equally wonderful career and the respect that comes with it.

    I love it that almost all his interview replies are simple and kind of sunny. He must have a lovely temperment in real life.

  3. I read the interview on, and here’s an excerpt which I think is downright hilarious:

    “Who’s the biggest diva on set?”

    “Michael Gambon. Well, he was when he found out Dumbledore was gay. He wanted pink flamboyant scarves, the lot. No, no one’s a real diva but Michael loves to wind people up. He’ll ask for three cups of tea, one with 26 sugars in, just to get a reaction.”

    Beyonce Knowles once said that “a diva is a female version of a hustler”

    Dumbledore? A gay diva/hustler? Oh my…

    J.K. Rowling never ceases to amaze!

  4. By the way, I mouth off in class too! Doing that in grade school was much easier, though…

    I agree with Alyssa S., that is why we love you

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