interview with Tom Felton now online

An interview Tom gave with has officially been uploaded online courtesy of Dailymotion today. The interview was filmed during a press junket Tom attended in Paris for the Fnac Signing Event, and thankfully, is not dubbed over in French. 😉 Tom answers many of the same questions he’s been answering for the past two months, but undoubtedly what he wishes was his one magical power is sublime, and if you ever read his Twitter, you won’t be surprised.

13 thoughts on “ interview with Tom Felton now online

  1. I cant believe they had everything in French….that woman sounded so thick with her accent, I bet she looked good

  2. lol I loved the look on his face when he said expelliarmus, he looked so confused like he wasn’t sure if he did it right haha.

  3. Aaaawwiee TOM !! We all LUV U, I LOVE U !! 😀 u r AMAZING ! i THOUGHT U WERE SOO Adorable in the first two movies but from the 3rd movie, OMG i dont think i have ever stopped drooling ever since ! 😀 U r incredibly Gorgeous ! I luv all yr answers, and i wld love to fly too, coz traffic in Toronto sucks, and also in New Delhi, India! I m from India btw 🙂

  4. Lol It’s sure that the french voices are horrible that’s the reason why I saw the movie in English but all the frenchs haven’t a so bad accent lol she is particularly bad…

    With love

    a french fan 😉

  5. Waouh !
    Fantastic !!!
    and with the subtitles !!!! I can understand all he said !!!!!
    (I’m french, and it’s so hard to understand this website completly. I’ve always the feeling of miss something …)

    I think me, I wanna be able to read in minds …


    Keep going !

  6. ah, i’m happy this video is in french =)
    When it’s in english, i don’t understand 🙁
    I’m very very fan of Tom Felton, i come on every days but i don’t all really understand. But this site is very good, thank you 🙂
    Sorry if my english is bad ^^

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