Larger than Life: Tom Felton photos in Hi-Res

As found on Oclumencia, here are some hi-res images of Tom that never quite made it into our galleries. Oops. 😉 To see more hi-res Tom related goodness as he was out promoting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the red carpets, check out the New York Premiere and London Premiere galleries here at

14 thoughts on “Larger than Life: Tom Felton photos in Hi-Res

  1. OMG he is so hot! Amazingly hot! Seriously I have been staring at these pictures for like a half hour and I plan on staring at them for like another half hour or more.

  2. man. i love these pictures of him.
    it actually seems like his actually there in front of your very eyes.
    they are all just adorable(; especially the last one. STUNNING!

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