Larger than Life: Tom Felton photos in Hi-Res

As found on Oclumencia, here are some hi-res images of Tom that never quite made it into our galleries. Oops. 😉 To see more hi-res Tom related goodness as he was out promoting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the red carpets, check out the New York Premiere and London Premiere galleries here at

14 thoughts on “Larger than Life: Tom Felton photos in Hi-Res


    Thanks for posting these LG. Bless his little tired, wet heart.

  2. OMG he is so hot! Amazingly hot! Seriously I have been staring at these pictures for like a half hour and I plan on staring at them for like another half hour or more.

  3. man. i love these pictures of him.
    it actually seems like his actually there in front of your very eyes.
    they are all just adorable(; especially the last one. STUNNING!

  4. Definitely the two first ones are going to find their place onto my hard drive. When he smiles like that, one has to wonder how we could say no to him…

    With Love,


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