Tom Felton says “G-Tar” in Q&A session!

> More Harry/Draco!
> Will you sing?
> What do you think of the fandom?
> Who would you be friends with if the characters were real?
And, of course, MANY MORE NEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS! In Pretty Excellent Quality, too!

Thank you, tori12013!!

The wonderful Tori12013 has posted more REALLY good quality videos of the Q&A – she was sitting right in front of him! – and now we’re loading them here for you to see! Thanks again!

11 thoughts on “Tom Felton says “G-Tar” in Q&A session!

  1. I know that photo to would never do anything like that they are both such lovely guys.Would love to see Tom Do the thriller dance though. Someone ought to tweet him & get him to do it.

    • Now, that’s funny what you’re saying here regarding the Thriller dance, for I’ve been thinking how cool it would be seeing all the Death Eaters (anjd the other characters, of course!) doing the same thing with their leader, you see? *lol* Great Spirits always meet!

      With Love,


  2. i seen that pic and i feel sorry for tom love him loads and where abouts was this. i also say g-tar and if i got asked Who would you be friends with if the characters were real? i would say draco and the rest of slytherin just coz i dont like the gryffindors and i agree with tom about them being gryffindorks =) x x

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