Oh, To Be Young Again: Video and Interview of Tom Felton at the Young Film Critics Awards

Thanks to Anna Lowman, who works with FILMCLUB, we now have all sorts of media goodness for you of Tom Felton at the Young Film Critics Awards. According to Anna, Tom Felton “was there to present two awards to FILMCLUB members Phoebe Lawrance and Rosemary Collins.”

Congratulations to the two lucky ladies [Pictured above with Tom Felton]!

Also, we now have video from the Young Film Critics Awards!

And last, but definitely not least, here is a short interview:

You are here today at the Young Critics Awards, giving out awards to two FILMCLUB members who have reviewed films on the site. Do you read your own film reviews?

Yes, it was a great honour (to give out the award) I personally don’t go searching, not that I don’t appreciate the comments or opinions of other people, I like to hear what the fans have got to say. I confess that I have a very good girlfriend who manages to email me all the best ones but I get quite a biased opinion of the films! I remember speaking to the director of the Harry Potter films and we both said, there’s going to be so many pros and so many(cons)…because there’s going to be thousands of reviews people are going to love it, or people are going to hate it. You’ve just got to take what you can from it really.

What do you think about FILMCLUB?

I think it’s a fantastic initiative. I think FILMCLUB…a getting kids into films is a great idea but the idea of getting them into films as a group is even better. I’m actually quite a lonely go-er to the cinema, I go quite often by myself but nothing beats going with a group of people. Even if people disagree with what you think of the film its kind of good. You kind of learn who you are by going to films with different people really. I think it’s a great way to interact with other kids and see what’s out there.

Feltbeats would like to thank Anna Lowman very much for allowing Feltbeats to use these goodies! Thank you.

Enjoy, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Oh, To Be Young Again: Video and Interview of Tom Felton at the Young Film Critics Awards

  1. Jade does manage to email you the best comments, yet you certainly got the point finely, Tom: No matter what opinions are coming in, you’ve to take what you can from them. I like this new mature insight of yours. I really do.

    Btw, I’m also quite a lonely goer to the cinemas, and not been to with friends for years.

    You marked another point as well: learning who we are by going to see a film/or doing something else with other people, even if the others think otherwise of yourself, justly. I’m happy to read that coming from your mouth, Tom. Very happy. You’re doing just fine, Dear. God Bless You.

    With Love,


  2. It seems like they don’t want to look at him, too ashamed XD
    (I don’t believe they waste a similar oportunity ! o.O’ Crazy them ! xD)
    It’s my birthday today… Do you think he can come en hug me? Just once ? 😀 No? Oh too bad 🙁 xD

  3. That second girl was soooo tall! Golly, she was looking down on Tom! lol
    Fab thing tho – wish I went to the cinema more, but non of my friends wanna see the same films as me. 🙁

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