Tom Felton Interviewed in Belgian Magazine Het Nieuwsblad

UPDATE: See below for a translation of Tom’s interview. Thanks to Feltbeats Army member Erika for sending it in!

Thanks to our friends at Snitchseeker, we now have scans of the latest issue of Dutch Magazine Het Nieuwsblad. Tom and Harry Potter co-star Bonnie Wright were interviewed in their latest edition, and it even includes new photos of not only Tom, but Tom on the Weasley Wizard Wheeze’s set! We don’t get to see that very often. 🙂

The interview itself is completely in Dutch, but we do have this one snippet of Tom in English talking about his good friend Daniel Radcliffe and their mutual love of cricket. If you are able to translate the entire article for us, please, let us know!

Tom Felton: It’s good to be the villain. I think every actor likes to play a character that is miles away from yourself. But in reality, Daniel Radcliffe and I are very convergent. We share the love for cricket. Even if we try to murder each other with spells, we are brothers together in Daniel’s dressing room next to watch cricket matches on TV. We sometimes play cricket, but the film company is quite concerned that Daniel gets a ball in his face. So, the ball is not hit in his direction. ”

Scared fans!
Tom Felton: On set it is fun to play the baddie. But then you have to accept that some fans are scared of you. Everyone finds Bonnie, Daniel, Emma, Rupert sweet and fun, but I was booed once when awarding a kid’s award. Well, that just means I play my part really well! If you can scare kids like that you are doing a good job. Fans under the age of 7 really do not trust me at all. When they grow older they begin to understand that I am not as mean as Draco is.

Bonus Material on DVD!
Tom Felton: I really like watching the behind the scenes interviews on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! They are fun memories, and they are smart enough not to show too much so that the magic never really disappears.

The very last scene!
TomFelton: We still have a couple of months to shoot. The last scene we will be shooting probably will be the one from 19 years later! I am looking forward to see how we will all look.

Bonnie Wright: I am looking forward to going back to King’s Cross to shoot because that is where I shot my very first scene 10 years ago. I had no idea what acting was all about then. All I knew was that I was freezing.

Tom: Together we spent more thn 10 years on set. we grew up here together. It will be strange to say goodbye.

Bonnie: Who knows maybe in 10 years we be holding a reunion. What happened to all the actors? Or we will all be playing in Harry Potter: the Musical (laughs).

Tom: Or we will all be gliding on skates in Harry Potter on Ice. Though I think J.K.Rowling would thankfully put a stop to that.

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    • I quite agree with you, Thomas’s smile here is most charming, and very mischieveous at the same time. What I love best when he’s smiling like that, is that you don’t truly can’t tell what he’s up to, you know?

      With Love,


  1. LOVE that pic. omfg! the SECOND EVER PIC of tom and bonnie in THE SAME PHOTO standing SIDE BY SIDE! *faints* im sooo fangirly when it comes to draco/ginny. haha.

    oh god, why do they keep teasing us with 2 pics? ahhh!!!!! hoping for HEAPS of pics from the london christmas thing thats happening tomorrow (sunday, its saturday morning here in australia :P)

    NEED MORE D/G related stuff! ahhh!!! im like a crazed 15 yr old fangirl atm lol. love the pic. which there was an HQ & bigger version tho 🙁

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