Tom Felton. MTV. News. Any questions?

Once again our inboxes are flooded here at Feltbeats with bits and bobbles featuring Tom in relation to his Best Villain Award at the MTV Movie Awards. While we’ve been posting what we can as it’s come in, it seems the damn has broken and once again, a round-up post of Tom-related goodness is before you.

First up, it seems the British papers and websites have been remarking on their boy receiving the golden popcorn trophy from a pair of danglers. Tom’s win has been mentioned on ITN, Digital Spy, the Metro, The Independent, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Record,  the Daily Mail, the Guardian and Ok! Magazine.

A brief synopsis from all of the above courtesy of the Daily Record:

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were hilarious as they dangled above the stage then presented the Best Villain award to Tom Felton for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.

It wasn’t only the online world that oh’ed and ah’ed over the MTV Movie Awards. Check out these print articles for a brief rundown of who else won, the best performances, and the best moments. Can you find the mentions of Tom in these pages? We can! They’re quite “memorable.”




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