First pics of Tom Felton at DragonCon and a little summary of his first panel

Tom is this weekend at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. We already have the first photos of him from today. Thanks to all for the photos.

More photos in our gallery.

A few feltgirls are also there and you should follow the twitter account @Feltforce for updates. They tweeted us during Tom’s first panel some questions of the fans and his answers. Thank you!

Question: have you gotten into Pottermore?

No, I’m still waiting. Someone said I was a Hufflepuff, but no.

Question: favorite HP spell?

Expelliarmus or maybe Avada Kedavra

Question: Do you feel about Lauren lopez’s Draco in AVPM?

Miss Lopez is fantastic. In response to Slytherin forever…..I have that tattooed on my left bum cheek.

Question: How did you feel about how your oldest self was portrayed in the epilogue?

Horrible….I’m was supposed to be Jason Issaac’s son and I looked like his father!

Question: Can you tell us more about your character in From The Rough?

Sure. Edward… Is his name. I ply the South Korean! Lol Actually my character is a bit rough around the edges and gets to fall in love.

Question: who is your favorite HP character?

Lockhart and is also a fan of Jim Broadbent

Question: what is your gave HP book?

Chamber of Secrets

Question: What was it like working with Alan Rickman?

Alan is the man, isn’t he! *gushes about Alan*
Alan always stayed in character when kids visited the set.

Question: Which type of villain was more fun to play?

Dodge was more fun, because he’s just straight out mean

Question: What other character would you have been?

Hermione! Likes the ideology of being Voldemort, or coming back as Lucius in a remake

Question: Any changes you would have made to the character of Draco?

He would have had Draco come back in heroic fashion and save everyone

Question: is there any scene in HP that you didn’t make the movie that you would like to see in extended versions?

Yes, many scenes. Especially one in Chamber of Secrets that is on the DVD extras that’s between Lucius and Draco

Question: Best memories?

The friendships he’s gained and will take with him.

Question: favorite scene from any potter film?

Infamous bathroom scene and the battle scene from the final film

By the way, they recorded the panel and want upload the video tonight.


Thanks to JScarb1992 for these awesome pics of Tom.

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  1. I really wish I was there! I wonder what type of camera Tom’s using in the last two photos. I want to be a photographer when I get older.

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