Tom Felton Unable To Attend Realms Con In Texas

Due to a prior commitment, we have been notified that Tom Felton will be unable to attend Realms Con, scheduled for October 7th thru 9th in Corpus Christie, Texas. Tom makes every effort to attend these conventions, and we apologize to anybody this has inconvenienced.

4 thoughts on “Tom Felton Unable To Attend Realms Con In Texas

  1. From where do you have this information?
    And why is he unable to come? Because of a film shooting or why?
    I’m asking because the RingCon in Germany is one week later (14th – 16th October)and it is announced, that he will come to the RingCon, but will he be able to come to the RingCon if he is unable to come to the Realm Con?

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