Tom Felton in “The Times Magazine” – issue 9th July 2011

The Times Magazine had published in the issue dated 9th July an interview with Tom. For this interview Tom did a photo shoot by the photographer Spiros Politis. He wrote on his blog:

Tom Felton took time out from his busy Harry Potter schedule for a mellow portrait session for Times Magazine.
You’ll see lots more of him next year’s releases.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for retyping the interview.

Seeing yourself grow up on screen is cringeworthy. I sometimes catch a glimpse of one of the Harry Potter movies on TV and it’s like seeing snapshots of some other person’s life. Seriously weird.

Jim Carrey rules. I spent a lot of my childhood trying to mimic him. Physical comedy is something that’s always really tickled me.

First impressions are permanent. It’s human nature to make snap judgments. I do my best to make sure I’m projecting something positive when I meet people, not acting like an a**.

As adulthood kicks in, you realise your happy-go-lucky younger self has much to learn. But don’t stress about it. Good or bad, the picture can change overnight.

If a new iPad were released next week, I’d want one. Of course you can live without boys’ toys. A new jumper, an iPod, a great watch… They’re not exactly the meaning of life, are they? But they are nice.

Twitter’s great. I’d always resisted social networking, it took a lot of persuasion to make me set up an account. But now I love it. It’s like a constant news feed for me, and it gives Potter fans an instant way of communicating [he has 585,000 followers (as of the time of this interview; right now it is slightly less than a million)].

Four hours in Topman and a different you emerges. I used to be the world’s least clothes-aware person, living in jeans, T-shirts and hoodies. Then I met my girlfriend [stunt coordinator Jade Olivia] and found myself being given a subtle makeover.

My biggest worry when I’m away working is what’ll happen to Timber. I wanted a dog throughout childhood but wasn’t allowed – responsibility and all tha t- so the first thing I did on moving out was get a puppy. She’s a Chesapeake Bay retriever. I love her.

Take your lead from those who get it right. Daniel [Radcliffe] can’t walk down a street anywhere in the world without someone shouting ‘Harry Potter,’ yet he handles it with such grace. He always responds like the charming guy he is.

I love my wheels. BMW’s are my biggest extravagance. I’m currently driving a 6 Series, I’ve had two-seaters and 4x4s in the past and they’ve all served me well.

Online friends are not to be undervalued. I’ve never met Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of McFly, but we’ve been having really interesting conversations back and forth for months now. There’s even been talk of us swapping jobs for a day. I’d love that.

Golf is great. It takes your mind off the complicated things in life and focuses it on a simple one – getting a little white ball into a hole. It’s the perfect escape.

Some of the most endearing people I’ve met are super-vain. My upbringing was, ‘Vanity is bad – it means you’re shallow.’ Now I’m coming round to the idea that you can take an interest in yourself and still be OK. Watch me pass a window and you’ll probably see me do a little hair check.

Be a gentleman. My mum drilled that into me. Good, old-fashioned politeness, basically. I’ve no time for people who behave one way to a Hollywood producer, then differently to the guy who brings them a mug of tea.

Traveling for work isn’t really traveling. I’ve visited all four corners of the world, yet haven’t properly seen most of the places I’ve been to. So some jungle treks, Route 66, just me and a backpack… That’s definitely the agenda, if and when I get the time.

By the way, FAULT Magazine published another pic of Tom.

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