More interviews with Tom Felton from the last days

As we reported here and here last Saturday was the Grand Opening of “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter“. Since last week there were different dates, for example press conference, photo call, TV shows, press interviews and more. We now have some new interviews with Tom from the last days. UK – Harry Potter studio tour opens near London on MUZU.TV.


OK! – Rupert Grint and Tom Felton EXCLUSIVE at the Harry Potter studio tour on MUZU.TV. – click on the pic below and you will be redirected to the video:

Tom invites the Filipino fans at 1:32 🙂 :

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton exclusive: I’m not a heartthrob (hmmm)
Harry Potter star Tom Felton clearly needs his eyes tested.
Because the Harry Potter baddie told Yahoo! omg! that he is absolutely not in any way shape or form a heartthrob. Err we beg to differ.
The hottie (we simply can’t call him anything else) chatted to us at the World Premiere of the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour at the weekend.
And he acted VERY modestly when we asked him what it was like to be an international love object.
Chatting exclusively to us he said: “Oh I wouldn’t go that far!”

Err how far Tom? To the point that most of us have posters up of you in our bedrooms/think naughty thoughts about you at least once a day.
Or to the point that co-star Rupert Grint has an ‘I love Tom Felton’ tee?

We obviously then told him that our followers are pretty smitten by him (as you were tweeting us all day telling us to say hi to Tom Felton) and he exclusively revealed he thought he wouldn’t have a fan base after the Harry Potter films finished.
He told us: “Oh bless, well I guess we all kind of expected that when these films finished no one would ever want to hear from us again, but apparently not!”

Asked if he had a little message for his fans, he said: “That’s great and we love that. This tour is a tribute of the fans passion, because they would never have gone so far as to build this huge stage just for your guys favour.”
Asked what his fondest memory of filming the Potter books was, he said: “It’s very hard to sum it all up in a sentence, but I’ll never forget walking into the Great Hall for the first time as an eager 12-year-old, as I’m sure everyone else will when they get the chance to walk in for the first time.
“And it was just as magical — excuse the pun — now as it was 12 years ago.”
And he revealed a little bit of trickery around the Great Hall that made our mouths open pretty wide. He said: “Am I allowed?! Has this been cleared? Well, one of the things I suppose is the Great Hall’s ceiling and floor were complete moved one by one, tile by tile from less than a mile away at a C-stage back at old Leavesden. So it’s been recrafted brilliantly.”

And while we gulped down some butterbeer whilst on the tour, here’s what the young actor made of it: “Yes, well you’re in for a treat, if you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste of butterbeer. It’s no surprise that’s it’s pretty tasty.”

Click here and here to see the photos from the last days.

Stay tuned for the report by our feltbeats girls Lori and Betsy and Megan from Magical Menagerie.


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