Feltbeats.com Year End Wrap-up: Appearances

Welcome to Feltbeats.com’s year end wrap up. If you have followed us in previous years, you know that we like to do a look back at Tom’s best moments of the year. We begin our look back at 2012 with a glimpse into some of the appearances Tom made over the last year.

Woman In Black Premiere:

Photos Of Tom Felton At The Woman In Black Premiere LA

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Premiere:

Photo’s Of Tom Felton At The Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Premiere

Jared Eng and Perez Hilton Birthday Parties:

Photos Of Tom Felton From Jared Eng’s and Perez Hilton’s Birthdays

Video’s Of Tom Felton At Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party

Celebrity Cricket Match At Hampstead Cricket Club:

Tom Felton Plays Cricket At The Hampstead Cricket Club

Tom Felton At The Hampstead Cricket Celebrity Match- A Report By Emily

Opening Night Of “Let It Be”:

Photo’s Of Tom Felton At Opening Night Of Let It Be

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