More Videos & Photos of Tom Felton at the East Japan Earthquake charity sign & photo session

As we reported here and here, Tom attends the East Japan Earthquake charity sign & photo session in Tokyo this weekend. Today was the second day and we have videos and many photos of him:

Thanks to Tom Felton News (Felton Japan)Rika for these videos:

Bs8-pLYCIAIWmUJ.jpg large Bs8-MJUCcAAPace.jpg largeBs-KFKzCMAA6JQ-.png largeBs_Q6odCMAAVpCD.jpg largeBs-iOW0CEAAGcLH.jpg largeBs-iLLsCYAI5OH4.jpg largePhoto credits: tomfelton_jp, heypoh2525, 3ldk_madi, gisele_hp & __AlwaysSeverus

More pics in our gallery.

Here are more videos from Saturday:


Thanks to Tom Felton Japan, Draco Malfoy Japan, Felton Japan and the many other Japanese fans for the tweets, RTs, videos and pics!

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