Video and Photos of Tom Felton at the Cup Bowling Tournament in Tokyo

Earlier today we reported here about Tom’s first day at the East Japan Earthquake charity sign & photo session in Tokyo. In addition, a bowling tournament with Tom was organized in the evening. The event was held at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo and 72 fans had the chance to go bowling with Tom.

Thanks to Tom Felton News (Felton Japan) for the video:

We also have some pics:

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Photo credits: Slytherimoya, chmpgne07250608, marinuDX, asl0966, hinemosDH & heypoh2525

More pics in our gallery.

Thanks to Tom Felton Japan, Draco Malfoy Japan, Felton Japan and the many other Japanese fans for the tweets, RTs and pics!

BTW, @pottermaniajp uploaded 3 videos from the opening of WWoHP Japan. Click herehere & here for the videos with Tom.

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